How To Designing Effective Social Media Buttons

Social media is extremely valuable for promoting your business. It is the key to a website’s popularity. Social media buttons enable your website visitors to easily share your content with their social media connections and networks, which spreads out to new audiences and generates new visitors to your website.

Simple shapes and designs

It is important to have a simple and neat design for your buttons. You can give it any basic shape like circle, rectangle, square or triangle. For the logo, it should be very simple and clearly visible to the users in a single color or maximum of two colors. The button should be easily readable and recognizable.

Placement and positioning

The most important thing that must be kept in mind is where to place the button. It should be easily located by the viewers to know how to like or share your content. If you notice, you will see that social media buttons usually appear at the upper-left portion of the page.

Ponder the Typography Tips to Enhance Your Website Design

Ponder the Typography Tips to Enhance Website Design

Typography Plays the Significant Role in All Website Design Trends

The typography refers arranging the text and its typeface in a website for getting visual effect and conveying website content. The typography consists of many things, and also typography gives a name to your brand. So uniqueness of this brand is must and it only gives identification to you.

Trends in typography:
There are lots of new web design techniques are arriving due to the technological improvement. However the new techniques are arriving, the typography plays the significant role in all web design trends. Based on the design techniques the typography can be varied because the mobile website and desktop website is not a same one.

1) Handwritten Fonts in Typography:
This case of typography, font included our handwriting font and it also renders more organic look for the site. But this font is suitable for same category of websites only such as craft and food sites; basically this type of website is targeted to kids. Sometimes it does the problem in readability.

2) Distressed fonts:
Distressed type adds an ingredient of the handmade things like beverage labels and restaurant menus, and the websites for those types of products and businesses.

3) Hipster Fonts
This case of font comes with a selection of dingbats that include arrows, mustaches. This font gives a trendy look for a website, but large use gives too trendy effect.

4) Layered type
This font the 90′s trend font, but it infuse of many design work and presents a serious feel for a website.

Typography in Flat Website Design

Flat design is a trendy web designing technique. It gives more importance to the typography because of the nature of this web design proficiency. It signifies all of the visual impression in this design only comes from the typography.

Consider while choosing the font:
1) Keep with minimum number of font
The web designers have independent to use a font, simply too many typefaces in a web page does not give a good impression for users.

2) Think about the font is supported for all the systems
While selecting the case rather than selecting the font type, it is important to notice if the selected font type is supported by all browsers.

3) What category of website you have
Grounded on the website category, typographic choosing can be varied because some types of font are suitable for the particular category site. That is, your fonts want to show over your brand details.

Improve your business by Branding Your Website through Online

Everyone knows that marketing is the heart of business. Now-a-days online marketing is playing the significant role in business. If people who want to make progress in their business through online, they must have some tools. Followings are some important tools to develop your business in online marketing.

Business Website:

Main tool is Business Website. Website is a web page or set of web pages that explains about something. A good business website must explicit the business details without any bewilderment and must be user-friendly. It clearly shows how many products are in your website and makes a way to user to visit your website properly.


If you need to introduce or brand your business through online marketing, you should have a unique identity or symbol for your business. This is called as Logo. Logo is a symbol or icon that exhibits the name of business enterprises. Logo is the effective tool to introduce your business in online marketing. Logos are designed as images or text.

Search Engine Optimization:

You need to make your website as SEO friendly. Commonly, when people are searching the product in online, they are only selecting the product websites whichever are viewed within first two pages of search results. So you have to place your website within first two pages of search engines. If your website is SEO friendly, you can easily get good rank in search results of major search engines. Search engine optimization is a technique of improving your website’s position in major search engine results (Eg: Google, Yahoo and Bing). In SEO, the content is the King. So you have to concentrate on content of your website.


Create your content as admirable for internet users. Your website content should be unique and which obviously explains product details. When we write content for our website, we mind some stuffs such as “This content must be informative to others”, “Clearly explicit our product details”.

Social Media Marketing:

Social Media Marketing is the important tool to promote your online branding in search engines. Social media marketing is used to get more traffic to your website through social media websites. Social media is the great way to introduce your business to more people. There are more social media websites like face book, twitter, etc. In these websites you have to promote your website. If you do social media marketing, surely you will see the progress in your business.