Why a Responsive web design website is must?

Website places a vital role in each and every business, because it reaches a wider audience within a short time than any other form of advertising. Day by day new technology implemented to view website as much better than before. For a better viewing experience some new techniques are implemented. Every web designer has to adapt to new technology to minimize the work with high efficiency. Current trends in web design are viewing a website in multiple devices like desktop/PC, laptops, mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones.

No way to ignore viewing website in mobile phones, because there is a tremendous increase in the usage of mobile phones for searching over the years. Responsive web design (RWD) technology satisfies all these needs. RWD is specially used for designing a website which can access by all the devices. It reaches widely soon, because no need to design separate websites for desktop and mobile devices. RWD helps the web designer to design a website viewable by all the devices just by implementing CSS code, media queries and fluid grids.

Who recommended Responsive web Design?
Google has just released a statement that there new Algorithm will be more focused on responsive web design. So prepare your website in a more responsive way. Google actually encourages the use of responsive web design, but in truth, Responsive Web Design streamlines a site’s backend and helps maintain a single domain doing away with unnecessary templates and sub-domains, and also eliminating a need for multiple SEO campaigns.

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Website for all Platforms
Is your website optimized effectively for all devices and platforms? Don’t just think mobile or desktop, think every single device and user on the web. Responsive websites are designed to provide an optimal viewing experience across all platforms.

82% of Sites Use Responsive Web Design
Recently on Google+, the Google Webmaster team asked their followers to tell them which mobile configuration strategy they use, 82% responded with responsive web design, 4% said dynamic serving, 6% said separate mobile URLs, and only 7% said their site is not mobile friendly.

How Mobile is influenced by making Marketing Decisions in 2015?
According to Tech Crunch, 66% of users, access social networking websites from mobile. In observing web analytics regularly for brands, in most cases 25-30% of website traffic now coming from mobile and tablet devices. In 2015, businesses will consider how mobile is influenced by their marketing decisions.

Responsive web design is the only way the Web remains viable. So, design your website in a more responsive way to stay ahead of the competition and stand in front of customers, who need your services.


Always web designers are eagerly looking for new arriving trends. Hence people are facing new techniques daily. The vast usage of internet browsing for their needed things caused the enhancement of business websites particularly in this decade. And then, the arrival of mobile internet usage had drastically changed the web design techniques towards mobile technology. But today various types of electronic devices like tablet, ipad, smart phones are also determine the online traffic of a website. It is the main reason to the innovation of Responsive web design technology which is a fine solution to view one’s business details in those devices without any trouble.

What is Responsive Web design?
Responsive web design (RWD) is the web design technique which responds most types of internet platform environmental devices depend on the attributes of screen size.

This technique finds solution for resizing the whole website by enabling flexible images, grids and elements depend on the pixels we need in our device. It is possible with the help of HTML5 and CSS3 media queries. It uses media queries for most common screen resolutions of various devices. It creates a trouble free user environment for accessing a website from any kind of internet accessing device like mobile, smart phones (which enable rotating screen), tablets, laptops, desktops (normal or wide screens).

Enhancing Features

  • Responsive websites is clearly viewable everywhere
  • No need to develop separate website design and domain for each type of device (like mobile website design).
  • Owing to its flexibility and platform independence, no need to zoom in to view in smaller devices
  • Every device can easily view all types of pages
  • Less time and cost consuming comparing with older versions
  • Managing and updating content is needed for single domain
  • Google recommends Responsive Web Design technique to web search results, so it is SEO friendly

Developing website with latest updation is essential for best viewing strategy. Thus using Responsive Web Design is necessary for attracting more users through online. No doubt, it will definitely lead our website in present trend of online business.


How to design a GOOD WEB BANNER

Web banner is main representative of the whole website as well as it act as the tool to entice people. Banner is making an impression about web design to people. So banner design is the significant one in website design. Successful banner design lures the people to continue in the website. A good banner design must exhibit the premise of the website. Web banner design must be purposely.
When we create a web banner, we have to consider some points. First thing is Eye Capturing Phrases. Eye catching taglines are enticing the web surfer to stay in the website. So we have spent more time to make the eye-catching tag lines regarding website theme. Adding relevant tag lines in text rather than image will give better results in search engines.
Compatible color selection is vital in banner design. We should choose the complementary color regarding to the website subject. As well as font selection is indispensable one to make a good banner. We should choose the perfect product image to be place in your banner. Product image must be related to the webpage content. Because a picture is effectively express than words. So be careful to choose your product or service image for banner.
Placing the company logo in the banner is advisable. Inserting the URL also improves the CTR (click through rate). We suggest inserting the URL for product tag lines instead of directly mentioning the URL in banners. As well as resting the contact details like Email, phone number making the successful banner. CTA (Call To Action) button on banner is effectively increasing the CTR. Familiar CTA phrases are click here, read more, etc.,
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