Always web designers are eagerly looking for new arriving trends. Hence people are facing new techniques daily. The vast usage of internet browsing for their needed things caused the enhancement of business websites particularly in this decade. And then, the arrival of mobile internet usage had drastically changed the web design techniques towards mobile technology. But today various types of electronic devices like tablet, ipad, smart phones are also determine the online traffic of a website. It is the main reason to the innovation of Responsive web design technology which is a fine solution to view one’s business details in those devices without any trouble.

What is Responsive Web design?
Responsive web design (RWD) is the web design technique which responds most types of internet platform environmental devices depend on the attributes of screen size.

This technique finds solution for resizing the whole website by enabling flexible images, grids and elements depend on the pixels we need in our device. It is possible with the help of HTML5 and CSS3 media queries. It uses media queries for most common screen resolutions of various devices. It creates a trouble free user environment for accessing a website from any kind of internet accessing device like mobile, smart phones (which enable rotating screen), tablets, laptops, desktops (normal or wide screens).

Enhancing Features

  • Responsive websites is clearly viewable everywhere
  • No need to develop separate website design and domain for each type of device (like mobile website design).
  • Owing to its flexibility and platform independence, no need to zoom in to view in smaller devices
  • Every device can easily view all types of pages
  • Less time and cost consuming comparing with older versions
  • Managing and updating content is needed for single domain
  • Google recommends Responsive Web Design technique to web search results, so it is SEO friendly

Developing website with latest updation is essential for best viewing strategy. Thus using Responsive Web Design is necessary for attracting more users through online. No doubt, it will definitely lead our website in present trend of online business.


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