Why waiting for job? Make job run behind you.

I was speaking to a placement officer of a prestigious institution. He was asking us to sign a MOU with his college to recruit his candidates.  Also he was telling me that the MOU consist of our company accepting the following requests from the college.

  • Our company executives visiting frequently for “presentation on various subjects” to students
  •  Industrial visits for students to our company.
  • Recruit students for internship

a)So many institutions are already  doing this for colleges. But still we see the students who come out “unemployable”

b) I also visited other colleges, they gave me a patient hearing, once the presentation was over and they asked so many questions, most of them were, “how will I get a job”?

c) That is the right question to ask, that is top on  their minds. They want job .  So all we need to do is to concentrate on providing them a job, and developing them in such a way they get their job, or getting them ready for the job, training them ready for the job.

d) So my feeling is that can we do something better ? apart from visiting these colleges and  lectures? Can we think … Continue reading

Improve your business by Branding Your Website through Online

Everyone knows that marketing is the heart of business. Now-a-days online marketing is playing the significant role in business. If people who want to make progress in their business through online, they must have some tools. Followings are some important tools to develop your business in online marketing.

Business Website:

Main tool is Business Website. Website is a web page or set of web pages that explains about something. A good business website must explicit the business details without any bewilderment and must be user-friendly. It clearly shows how many products are in your website and makes a way to user to visit your website properly.


If you need to introduce or brand your business through online marketing, you should have a unique identity or symbol for your business. This is called as Logo. Logo is a symbol or icon that exhibits the name of business enterprises. Logo is the effective tool to introduce your business in online marketing. Logos are designed as images or text.

Search Engine Optimization:

You need to make your website as SEO friendly. Commonly, when people are searching the product in online, they are only selecting the product websites whichever are viewed within first … Continue reading

Use Our Road & Construction Management Software to acquire maximum profit.

In the current era we cannot imagine a world without computers and Internet. From small retail shops to high level companies, everywhere the computers are being used now for making their work better. This is true in the case of construction managements also. Earlier the construction process details are maintained by the contractors with the help of paper note books and the calculations were done manually. After some time, people started using the local computer network based software. But now all the market researchers advise not to use that also because it is not possible to use the data efficiently in these types of software. The most suitable is the web based software, where you can have access to your software from anywhere anytime.

We are proud to introduce a new Web Based Inventory for Road and Construction companies, with “Tally” Accounting Software integrated named www.Infraconsoft.com. Basically construction projects include the processes of managing the stocks, vehicles and maintenance of the inventory. Infraconsoft provides Web based ERP solutions to maintain inventory details easily and solve the problems of the construction companies. Our software comprises of eight main modules to simply differentiate each process of the construction. They … Continue reading

How Not to Select a Software Company

I have travelled all over India and outside India.  The unique behavior I found in most of Indian companies is that they take a long time to decide on software for them. There are lots of reasons for that:-

a) They do lot of fire fighting day and night to solve their problems, so they don’t have time to concentrate on IT.

b) Their usual reply is that it can be decided at the arrival of a new project.

c) Finally when they get project they were expecting, they again get into the routine fire fighting. Who is doing what, where is the inventory, what happened to so much of money that was allocated to project and so on and so forth and finally reach the ground zero again.

d) Some good thinkers strive hard and take a decision to tell his subordinate to “find a software person.”

e) When they find a software person, they get into confusion and they want to know whether this person is the right one who can understand and deliver the right solution?

It’s natural that the companies develop this fear because, some starters in the field are very good in presenting a good … Continue reading