How to design a GOOD WEB BANNER

Web banner is main representative of the whole website as well as it act as the tool to entice people. Banner is making an impression about web design to people. So banner design is the significant one in website design. Successful banner design lures the people to continue in the website. A good banner design must exhibit the premise of the website. Web banner design must be purposely.
When we create a web banner, we have to consider some points. First thing is Eye Capturing Phrases. Eye catching taglines are enticing the web surfer to stay in the website. So we have spent more time to make the eye-catching tag lines regarding website theme. Adding relevant tag lines in text rather than image will give better results in search engines.
Compatible color selection is vital in banner design. We should choose the complementary color regarding to the website subject. As well as font selection is indispensable one to make a good banner. We should choose the perfect product image to be place in your banner. Product image must be related to the webpage content. Because a picture is effectively … Continue reading