Why a Responsive web design website is must?

Website places a vital role in each and every business, because it reaches a wider audience within a short time than any other form of advertising. Day by day new technology implemented to view website as much better than before. For a better viewing experience some new techniques are implemented. Every web designer has to adapt to new technology to minimize the work with high efficiency. Current trends in web design are viewing a website in multiple devices like desktop/PC, laptops, mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones.

No way to ignore viewing website in mobile phones, because there is a tremendous increase in the usage of mobile phones for searching over the years. Responsive web design (RWD) technology satisfies all these needs. RWD is specially used for designing a website which can access by all the devices. It reaches widely soon, because no need to design separate websites for desktop and mobile devices. RWD helps the web designer to design a website viewable by all the devices just by implementing CSS code, media queries and fluid grids.

Who recommended Responsive web Design?
Google has just released a statement that there new Algorithm will be more focused on responsive web design. So prepare your website in a more responsive way. Google actually encourages the use of responsive web design, but in truth, Responsive Web Design streamlines a site’s backend and helps maintain a single domain doing away with unnecessary templates and sub-domains, and also eliminating a need for multiple SEO campaigns.

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Website for all Platforms
Is your website optimized effectively for all devices and platforms? Don’t just think mobile or desktop, think every single device and user on the web. Responsive websites are designed to provide an optimal viewing experience across all platforms.

82% of Sites Use Responsive Web Design
Recently on Google+, the Google Webmaster team asked their followers to tell them which mobile configuration strategy they use, 82% responded with responsive web design, 4% said dynamic serving, 6% said separate mobile URLs, and only 7% said their site is not mobile friendly.

How Mobile is influenced by making Marketing Decisions in 2015?
According to Tech Crunch, 66% of users, access social networking websites from mobile. In observing web analytics regularly for brands, in most cases 25-30% of website traffic now coming from mobile and tablet devices. In 2015, businesses will consider how mobile is influenced by their marketing decisions.

Responsive web design is the only way the Web remains viable. So, design your website in a more responsive way to stay ahead of the competition and stand in front of customers, who need your services.

Protect your Business from Backlogs of Unanswered Customer Emails

Email Lead Management Software

E-mail has become the primary communication channel between the customer and the company. The amounts of e-mails handled by most of the companies are huge. The customers expect the email communication should be fast, accurate and it has to solve their problems in the first response.

Now-a-days, almost all the businesses are shifting towards online trading. Every business gets enquiries through online from all over the globe at any time. Because, the internet has truly created the world as a global village where now, we can trade just with few clicks. So there is no long gap between the buyer and seller, when compared with ordinary trading. Especially, online trading helps you save time and money and the transaction costs are generally lower for online trading and trades are in real time, which may not be the case with traditional physical trading.

When doing online business, there is an authority that we get enquiry through online. It may be either day or night. When Customer send enquiry to us, they can’t know whether the requested enquiry received or not. So there is a misconception between client and customer. By overcoming this issue, software called “Email Management System” helps both the client and customer all the time. By using an Email management system, it bridges between both the buyer and seller. When an enquiry received, this system sends an auto response to that particular customer. This facilitates the customer that the requested order sent to the client successfully.

It answers, let you respond faster to customers, using less of your agents’ time. Email Management is designed to handle exponential increases in customer inquiries, protecting you from the backlogs of unanswered requests and unhappy customers.

Email management can be challenging, because floods of email that come pouring into the inboxes. It then creates confusion, inefficiencies, inconsistencies between the customers, and reduce brand loyalty.

E-Mail Response Management System

To overwhelm the above troubles, a tool named as E-Mail Response Management System (ERMS) was acquired. An E-Mail Response Management System is a tool for managing huge amounts of incoming emails. Instead of routing all incoming emails into one queue, ERMS provides services for automatic processing and organizing incoming email. ERMS provides tools for agents to efficiently and consistently respond to messages, and for managers to administer, monitor, and report on the whole e-mail process. This method does not store all the data’s, which send to customers. So, after a long time (even years) if we need all data’s, the current available software does not help. By overcoming such issues, software called “Email Lead/Enquiry Management Software“, commonly called ELMS.

Why Email Lead/Enquiry Management Software?

Email Lead/Enquiry Management Software

ELMS, helps the user mainly to reduce time by sending response emails to customer regularly. When an enquiry received in our inbox, this system sends auto responses to that customer automatically, like “E-Mail Response Management System”. Now, we consider how ELMS differ from ERMS. This software will regularly / automatically send mails to the follow ups -send a message exactly how you prepared and pre-stored in your system. But the main features about ELMS is, it sends email of what message saved in the system to that customer on a daily basis, twice in a week, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

ELMS also stores the number of emails send and replies received on each day, so that the admin can control easily and remind to the customer. For instance, if a company has more than 2 departments, separate logins will be given to each department. So, each department can manage their own emails without expecting others staffs. Else, if you owe a business, an enquiry mail will receive in your inbox, it sends an auto response to that mail. If there is no reply, you can schedule as mentioned above to remind that customer, until it converts into business enquiry. This system can be accessed by new staff without the help of former staff, why? Because all the emails send/received up to the date will be stored in the system.

Are you a business owner? Are you getting an enquiry from customer through online? But you still lack in maintaining that enquiry report. What you need is a powerful tool to handle the huge traffic with easy usability features. Skip to “Email Lead/Enquiry Management Software” instead of all other “E-Mail Response Management System” software to get huge success in your business.

Use Our Road & Construction Management Software to acquire maximum profit.

In the current era we cannot imagine a world without computers and Internet. From small retail shops to high level companies, everywhere the computers are being used now for making their work better. This is true in the case of construction managements also. Earlier the construction process details are maintained by the contractors with the help of paper note books and the calculations were done manually. After some time, people started using the local computer network based software. But now all the market researchers advise not to use that also because it is not possible to use the data efficiently in these types of software. The most suitable is the web based software, where you can have access to your software from anywhere anytime.

We are proud to introduce a new Web Based Inventory for Road and Construction companies, with “Tally” Accounting Software integrated named www.Infraconsoft.com. Basically construction projects include the processes of managing the stocks, vehicles and maintenance of the inventory. Infraconsoft provides Web based ERP solutions to maintain inventory details easily and solve the problems of the construction companies. Our software comprises of eight main modules to simply differentiate each process of the construction. They are:-

  • Order Management
  • Inventory
  • Payment and Vouchers
  • Plant and Machinery Management
  • Asset Management
  • Banking
  • Production
  • Payroll

Each module consists of three menus and those are Masters for entering the data, Transactions for maintaining the processes and Reports for viewing the overall data and for taking hard copy of the details.

Order Management

This module comprises the entries of the tender details, project estimation cost, cost expenses, and bill details.

Inventory Management

This module has the facilities of Vendor management, Purchase and Stores managements by providing purchase order details, Goods Received and Stock Transfer Notes, Store issues, and inventory bills. It also supports the VAT, stock summary and ledger reports. It also helps to record the transferring of goods from one branch to another branch of the company.

Payment and Vouchers

It helps in handling the payment and billing details of the labours.

Plant and Machinery Management and Maintenance

This module is used to maintain hire and own vehicles of constructing firms. All the vehicle and equipment maintenances like Battery card change; tyre changes etc. can also be tracked. Daily progress of all the vehicles is created and it helps in finding the fuel consumption of the vehicles. It also maintains sales and scrap details of own vehicles. It stores the vehicles’ details such as Insurance, FC and Road Taxes and gives renewal alerts when expired.

Fuel consumption report and vehicle working reports are created based on the vehicle’s hours and as well as kms.

Asset Management

It contains the asset details of the company and transferring details of the assets like furniture, computer systems and printers, etc., from one branch to another.


It supports to maintain various bank accounts of the company. The details such as cash or cheque transactions of each project are separately entered here.


Production processes are entered with the cost details of production materials. It also helps to track the production items transfer from one branch to other.


It is used to maintain the details of the employees with their designation whoever work for each project. Monthly attendance and payrolls of the staffs are updated here. We can also track the loans of the employees with the employer. Salary slips can also be generated in this module.

Benefits of our software

  • It is web based ERP software. So, it doesn’t consume the memory space of your computer.
  • It will be accessible from anytime, anywhere only with the help of internet, No need to transfer your software system from one place to another place for reference.
  • Access login control permissions are done safe with confidentiality.
  • It can be integrated with any accounting softwares like Tally, if that software is compatible.
  • Our software is available in affordable cost, and monthly renewal basis.
  • It is easy to interact and easy to understand for all users.
  • Our software can be customized according to the client’s requirements.
  • Implementation of the software can be easily done through online.

Our Construction Management Software enables the constructors to manage all the information of the company at anytime, anywhere through online without any trouble. You will gain successful results and it will make our slogan “Tracking to Triumph” true in your company.

How Not to Select a Software Company

I have travelled all over India and outside India.  The unique behavior I found in most of Indian companies is that they take a long time to decide on software for them. There are lots of reasons for that:-

a) They do lot of fire fighting day and night to solve their problems, so they don’t have time to concentrate on IT.

b) Their usual reply is that it can be decided at the arrival of a new project.

c) Finally when they get project they were expecting, they again get into the routine fire fighting. Who is doing what, where is the inventory, what happened to so much of money that was allocated to project and so on and so forth and finally reach the ground zero again.

d) Some good thinkers strive hard and take a decision to tell his subordinate to “find a software person.”

e) When they find a software person, they get into confusion and they want to know whether this person is the right one who can understand and deliver the right solution?

It’s natural that the companies develop this fear because, some starters in the field are very good in presenting a good picture, excellent brochures, low quote, and when the order is given, the vendor realizes what it thought to be ant hill is a mountain and they are not able to deliver and either run away, or deliver something sub standard to client and there after never provide support as they cannot provide support for the cost they have quoted.

f) If the companies are to some extent successful in finding a vendor who is to some extent acceptable and if he is able to deliver at least 90% of what company as expected, the next problem comes is the support and maintenance.

How to solve this?

While it’s not a simple problem to give a out of box solution, I feel the following points may help

1) In case of ready made software, always ask for a demo of the software with at least 50% of your requirement already there in the software

In case you are looking for customized software:-

2) If you are 100% sure the software you are looking for is not there in the market, then you need to look for customized software. In that case you must be ready to invest the full money that is needed for the development. In case you have found that the software is not there in the market, then ensures the following is done:-

a) Ask the vendor to give you an approximate estimate for the software you are expecting

b) Ask vendor to prepare the “screens” in excel format to show you how the prospective software is going to look.

c) Accept and agree with vendor that the approximate cost will not be the final cost of the software and as and when you add the features, the cost will change.

d) Develop the screens and see the full software in excel format along with possible reports and its formats

e) As vendor to quote the final price based on the excel design


Every company is different even if they are in the same field .There is difference in managing methods, ideas, requirements, solutions etc. so never expect a 100% ready made software. Accept the fact that there is no “off the shelf” solutions for most of the business functions differently, except the accounting and finance because there is a set rules fixed by respective governments.


Please understand at the end of the day, nobody does anything free. Don’t get cheated, or don’t think the vendor has bowed down to your pressure, he will run away if he cannot stay in business.


I have seen so many CEO’s get lot of new ideas when they see something is delivered and keep asking for changes and never start using the software and continue to do manually even after placing order for software. Please note that your business is dynamic, the day it becomes static, that means you are not growing, so you must understand that the ideas you get will keep popping up and it must be like that since you are a dynamic businessman/women.  SO LAUNCH THE FIRST VERSION AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AND THEN KEEP ASKING FOR CUSTOMIZATION AS YOU USE THE SOFTWARE.


If you think that the software bought is one time investment, then you are mistaken. It will be easy for you to pay a monthly /yearly fixed cost which is including the ongoing customization that you are requesting in the software. If not you will have a regular friction with the software company and you will have a feeling that you are over charged


The software company you sign up with must become a part of your IT team where they continuously come up with new ideas, new features, new version of software and adopting to the new trends in the technology.

M.Wilson Manuel
Managing Director,
Nissi infotech Pvt Ltd.