Why waiting for job? Make job run behind you.

I was speaking to a placement officer of a prestigious institution. He was asking us to sign a MOU with his college to recruit his candidates.  Also he was telling me that the MOU consist of our company accepting the following requests from the college.

  • Our company executives visiting frequently for “presentation on various subjects” to students
  •  Industrial visits for students to our company.
  • Recruit students for internship

a)So many institutions are already  doing this for colleges. But still we see the students who come out “unemployable”

b) I also visited other colleges, they gave me a patient hearing, once the presentation was over and they asked so many questions, most of them were, “how will I get a job”?

c) That is the right question to ask, that is top on  their minds. They want job .  So all we need to do is to concentrate on providing them a job, and developing them in such a way they get their job, or getting them ready for the job, training them ready for the job.

d) So my feeling is that can we do something better ? apart from visiting these colleges and  lectures? Can we think of something which will help them?

2) Wasting time on Industrial visits

  • We (my company) receive lot of calls from colleges asking for Industrial visits (IV). We always use to say No we don’t allow that. But after some time we felt why not give them a chance and help them, teach them and give them a push in their life and we changed our mind and accepted to allow a college.
    • how the students will come in
    • how they will go to each department
    • who will explain them about what is being done in the department and so on
  • To our surprise the college never came on that day nor they had the basic courtesy to call and   inform us that they are not coming
  • Then after checking we came to understand  that
  • These college students only want a mail from our HR department that – “please come for industrial visit on this day” with that they use it a proof of industrial visit and close the matter.

To my surprise, the good, efficient placement officer I met, said, it’s true that most of the IV’s  are mostly arranged for fun.

I feel there is nothing wrong in having some fun in the Industrial visits. But they should not forget the main purpose.

  • Now here is my point, why do the colleges do something that is not useful to students?
  • Why not do something that will help them to get the job
  • The problem of job is mostly for the students of
    • Less known colleges
    • Non – cream candidates
    • Unemployable candidates
  • Why some are not employed?
    • “ The cream of students are recruited by the cream of companies
    • then the left over students are those “UNEMPLOYABLE”
    • they are some –Non-cream candidates
    • there are some who don’t know how to select their career
    • There are also who don’t want to work
    • They are also who think too big about themselves who will not work for less salary that is due to their peers got employed in cream of companies.

The companies are not able to recruit students for various reasons

  • No experience
  • No on job training
  • The training in colleges in not enough

The exposure to the real time projects can never be gained from the computer centers which give you the “ready made projects”

So my advise to students is this , Why waiting for job? Make job run behind you!

  • Waiting for the “campus interview” is fine.
  • In fact it’s very good to get selected from the campus interview itself, instead of walking into every company for job, it’s good to be placed when you are college itself.
  • But if all have to be selected in the campus interview, then students need to do more than just the “boring lectures” and  fun filled IV’s
  • Be ready and prepare yourself, add all the skills that are needed for the selection.

The most important skill is “posses a working skill” certificate which will help the company to directly employ you in the post that is vacant.

How is that done?

In our company we have following departments

  1. Asp.net – developing erp software for road construction industry, hotel industry and web based inventory for all other industry.
  2. Php- department – for web portals, cms sites
  3. Design studio – where we do flash based sites, animation, 2d/3d, cms sits, corporate sites, seo optimized sites, logo, brochure, presentations, & MOBILE WEBSITES.
  4. Testing department
  5. HR
  6. Hosting/web servers/ and Network maintenance
  7. web based erp certification (We train candidates on our web based erp software and certify them so that wherever we sell our software , they can be employed)
  8. SEO  and SMM
  9. Admin
  10. Accounts
  11. Marketing
  12. Back office – for overseas customers
  13. OJT – On job training
  14. R&D – for all departments that need continuous research and development


  • In the first 8 departments, we allow the FREE On Job Training (OJT – as we call it) or “Free Internship. “ This is for students who pass our exams and commit to work with us for a specific period. Also they must be having good academic record and pass our entrance test.
  • In the first 8 departments, we ALSO allow the paid On Job Training (OJT – as we call it) or “paid Internship. “ This is for students who can need the skills even if they do not pass the entrance exam or even if they dont have good academic record.
  • The (ojt)student is given basic software training
  • Then ojt student is given a “live project”
  • The students are trained by our Highly paid staff (which you can never get in any computer instates)
  • The project that the ojt students do is one of our own live projects. In fact they are will playing a part in a live project.
  • Once they finish we provide them – “work experience certificate” for 6 months – for the period they do the projects in all colleges.
  • Once they finish their ojt training, and if there are vacancies in our company, we give the ojt’s the first preference in appointment in our company.
  • In our experience all those who were trained in “Paid internship” the On Job training, all of them are in good placements now.
  • The main reason for us to start this is to ensure the candidates are available for us ready and trained in our own company for our own future need.
  • Most of the OJT’s trained by us before are employed by us, some are given certificate and are working in other companies in good positions.
  • This is not a training institute , and we do not do this like a training institute,we give appoint orders for 6 months training and give work experience certificate

The advantage we found is, when the “campus interview” companies find that the candidates have already some hands on experience on specific area, and since we put a high price tag on them saying “worked in NISSI INFOTECH PRIVATE LIMITED, they get a better treatment.

The recruitment process for OJT

  • We don’t charge all candidates
  • If the candidate is good , but he /she cannot pay, we give 100% scholarship
  • We only charge the candidates for whom we have to spend lot of time in training
  • If the candidates are good in some area already, and if we need to give them only a little training, we give them 25% to 100 % concession on their fees
  • We cannot take lot of students and train them, as we are not a training institute.  So we only take very less candidates on OJT – this is to do justice to what we are intending to do.

We are giving  special concessions to colleges on fees


  • The students are interested, but the parents are saying when you finish college you must earn, I cannot spend more again. They are correct. How will they know that the student is still not employable and as soon as he finishes college? We need to educate them.
  • Student knows he does not know what is being expected in the companies
  • Companies not willing to recruit those without experience

The government introduced this Industrial visit and lectures with a good intention. But our student community is in a hurry and they want a “quick solution “to their job problem. So we need to rethink the strategy, and introduce a new method of training the students in real companies so that they get good placement and growth in their career. We (our company) alone cannot do this, I feel all the other companies must do this, as a solution and help to the student community so that the industry takes a collective responsibility for the employability of students.

I feel the OJT has to be started in all the industry so that there is easy employment for candidates in all industry.

NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION.  Now a need has come, let’s innovate and lead our students into success.

Let our students become employable the moment they walk 0ut of colleges.


M. Wilson Manuel
Managing Director
Nissi Infotech Private Limited

copyright (C)2013
M.Wilson Manuel
Nissi Infotech Private Limited
All rights reserved