Significance of logo design in Brand Reputation Management

Brand Reputation Management is the process of isolating your brand among your competitors and it builds strong relationship with your client. It promotes your products as well as gaining the reputation from customers. There are a lot of tools are applied for brand management. One of the most important marketing tools is logo. It is widely partakes in brand reputation management, because it gives the identity to your business. Logo Design is the significant one which is effectively represented who you are. So while we manage our brand reputation, concentrate more on logo designing.

Logo Design
Logo is a symbol or emblem which represents the organization or brand and it establishes the reputation about the company or brand amid the people. No matter the logo is either graphic design or stylized name of the brand, the main intention is to get brand-popularity. The logo design must be distinctive and memorable. The logo is used to impress the customer to make the purchase decision about your product. It gives the power of your brand.

“A good logo should define the important aspects of your business like the message you like to deliver, service products you provide. It provides the right impression on your brand. Your business logo should stand out when it is kept among your competitors.”

Logo must be unique and memorable
A logo is a great tool to distinguish your brand among your competitors. So your logo must be unique. A logo is combined with the power of the brand and it will be become the assurance of your brand. So your logo must be memorable. Some companies have used the brand name as logo. It is a good thing, if you are only in that brand name, for example, Coco Cola, FEDEX and Mercedes. Otherwise, choosing the icon or symbol that expresses your concept is the best. Logos are greatly impacting the people if it is unique and memorable.

Your logo explicit your brand
The main goal of a logo is brand identity. Your logo must explicit your brand. A logo is the representative of your organization. It is not only the visual representation of an organization, which is the face of an organization. So select the icon that accurately depicts your business for everlasting time. You can modify the abstract images according to the nature of an organization, if you don’t have appropriate symbol or images.

Choose suitable “color” which expresses the nature of your organization
Color is the most important aspect of logo design. According to the human visual perception, each color has different emotions. Each color has expressed different emotions. For ex: Orange: dynamic, creative, friendly, youthful – Red: energetic, bold, hungry, urgent, dangerous – Blue:  medical, professional, credibility, calming, clean. So color chosen for logo must express the nature of your organization.

Generally, brand reputation is the most significant process in marketing. In today’s world, it becomes even more important. The logo is highly partakes in brand reputation management. So when you make the logo for your company have to remind the points above mentioned such as your logo must be unique and memorable, It must explicit your brand, Choose suitable “color” which expresses the nature of your organization. Logo that designed according to these points greatly impacts your customer and makes reputation amid the people.

You can make hey even when the sun does not shine!

(Practical steps to win in business during the market slump)

When there is slump in the market, usually business people do the following

  • Cost cutting
  • Looking at new ways of cost reduction
  • Inventing new methods
  • Digging the old enquiry/leads

All these very good … but not enough, think of some more effective steps….

  • Look at larger market – try to generate more leads
  • Follow up – constantly – and smartly
  • Look inside the “order delivery system” and “customer management system” is it customer friendly?
  • Look at project management- Is it done perfectly?
  • Look at the procurement /stores/purchase /vendor management is it done scientifically?
  • Look at areas where you need to use technology

Look at areas where you need to reduce the burden of staff and deploy them on more productive areas

Introducing the “Nissi empower plan” that takes care of all the above – it can be customized to specific industry and business.  It’s a combination of several individual solutions packed as one solution and given to the business community for the larger benefit.

Nissi empower plan – is suitable for all industry whether its

  • manufacturing
  • trading
  • or service

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M. Wilson Manuel
Managing Director
Nissi Infotech Private Limited,


Now and for evermore……..

Do you hear these heart cries in the market?

Heart cry 1

  • Marketing is not working nowadays
  • Market is not responding to marketing
  • The whole market is down
  • There are no funds in the market
  • All are saying the market is dull
  • They say after every 5 years, there will be a one year slump in the market, but this time, its almost 2 years and still the market is down – how to manage?
  • We keep reducing staff and doing so many things but the work load is added as we have to do the job of those who left also

If you have heard these then read on……..

In spite of this entire slump, do you also hear the other news?

“So many companies in India and world, are still growing and though some are affected to some extent, some of them are having enough business and showing profits?”

How is that?

While there is no one word answer for that question, and there are so many factors that makes them strong and going stronger and stronger,  and its not so easy to  comprehend them all,  in our experience and research we have fond some important points that makes them stronger. We are listing them here below…

Here are those points that make SOME companies

Sail through ……. slump


They all use the suitable /available /cost effective /latest technologies starting from marketing and selling to managing the company. (starting from using the right mobile phone to using the right software).

The companies those who “sail through the slump”, when it comes to systems and software, keep it as their first decision making matter. Even if there is a doubt factor whether this software will work or not they take bold decision to buy the low cost plan, deploy it, check it and upgrade to higher plans.


They use the information given by the above technologies for taking decisions.

The companies that “sail through the slump”, take decisions using the verified data provided by the reports generated by their fully used, full data fed comprehensive systems.


They have created a system of their own or use a system created/provided by software (after all good software is created on real time market conditions and systems of some other company in the same area of operation)

The companies that “sail through the slump” are usually those who have a system in place for the full operational cycle.

Its agreeable fact that its not easy to create a system, that is the reason why some of these smart companies don’t spend time on creating a system on their own and instead use the systems that are created by other companies and perfected by the software companies.


Their managements are strict in following the system  and also using the system.

The companies “sail through the slump”, are very strict in data entry, and the technology use. Since their top management always check the reports and system, they make the implementation strict to ensure the software is fully data fed, fully used, and always has the current data.

Here are those points that make companies FAIL through the slump………….


The companies those who go to slum, on the other hand when it comes to systems and software, companies keep it as the last and least decision making matter. Even if it takes to lose money without using the technology, they still prefer to postpone it.


They do not use the information given by the above technologies for taking decisions.

The companies that are affected by markets slump, in spite of having the systems and reports, they take decisions without using the verified data.


They have not created a system of their own or use a system created/provided by a software.

The companies that are affected by markets are usually those who do not have a system in place for the full operational cycle.

Its agreeable fact that its not easy to create a system, they also fail to recognize the chance they have to use the systems that are created by other companies and perfected by the software companies.


Their managements are not strict in following the system and also NOT using the system.

The companies fail through the slump are those who are never strict with the implementation and follow-up of the system. They fail to check the software, and the valuable and crucial reports generated by it or shift the responsibility to staff but the truth is that “the busiest person has time for everything”

Heart cry 2

There are some more heart cries in the market and here are they

  • Everybody are claiming that their tools and software are great, how to find the right one from vast companies?
  • In most cases somebody installs something, and suddenly the data is lost, they say we should have taken back up, now who has time for all these, we have enough to worry about our business so we just decided shift to our good old paper
  • Somebody installed some software , it was good, and now the person is not to be seen anywhere
  • We are using software, the person who has provided the software is from some other city, getting support gets delayed.
  • There are so many products , but with our diversified activities there is no product that can take control of the full activities starting from
    • enquiry/lead generation
    • to  follow up of the leads /enquiry generated even if its years
    • to scheduling the job, following it up until completion
    • Managing the task
    • Managing the stores, purchase, vendor management in case of engineering  Companies
    • Managing the stores, purchase, vendor management in case of general companies
    • Connecting all these activities to accounting software for final account preparation
  • And the list that can be added to this is endless…

Heart cry 3

What are the problems that are being faced by companies today in day to day life?

  • No leads/enquiries how to do business?
  • There are leads, but when reply  sent , no response
  • Follow up are done twice or thrice and then concentration shifted to day to day matters, but the tragic part is that due to the non continual contact with client the order may flow to other company to the dismay of the first company. How can the enquiry/lead be sustained by continual contact? How to solve this?
  • Even after the lead has become a hot lead, due to the negligence of the staff to send quotation, or the non response of the client, again there is a standstill and loss or order
  • Even after getting  the order , due to so many issues that have to be followed up, (e.g: purchase, project management, project co-ordination, production management, vendor management etc,) regular contacting with customer gets delayed which leads to strain in customer relationship
  • There is no co-ordination from the stores, purchase and vendor management,
    • If ordered 10, the vendor gives 5, the balance is not send – when the production is on, there is no product there, everything stands still
    • No information regarding position of stock at stores
    • Which vendor delivered on time? Which is the lowest price? What was the quality when purchased last time good or bad? There is no record of these crucial information for the purchase department before placing orders.
    •  Somehow If we try to overcome all these above mentioned problems and use software to rectify all these, again there is need to enter all these information into the financial accounting software. This is due to “non availability of integration” between the general inventory software we use and the financial accounting software we use.    ….the issues are enormous -   hence to solve these Nissi has introduced …



M.Wilson Manuel
Managing Director
Nissi Infotech Private Limited