How To Designing Effective Social Media Buttons

Social media is extremely valuable for promoting your business. It is the key to a website’s popularity. Social media buttons enable your website visitors to easily share your content with their social media connections and networks, which spreads out to new audiences and generates new visitors to your website.

Simple shapes and designs

It is important to have a simple and neat design for your buttons. You can give it any basic shape like circle, rectangle, square or triangle. For the logo, it should be very simple and clearly visible to the users in a single color or maximum of two colors. The button should be easily readable and recognizable.

Placement and positioning

The most important thing that must be kept in mind is where to place the button. It should be easily located by the viewers to know how to like or share your content. If you notice, you will see that social media buttons usually appear at the upper-left portion of the page.

Reduce Your Website Bounce Rate – BEST SEO SERVICES INDIA

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who enter a website and leave it without seeing the other pages in the website. Google Analytic is one of the best ways in which you can measure the bounce rate of your website. A higher bounce rate is indicative of the fact that your web page is not attracting the visitors.
Proper keywords

It is usually seen that if you do not use the right keyword, you get a mixed traffic of people who are looking for many things, but sadly not what you are selling. Therefore it is essential that you know at least top 5-6 keywords for your website.
Call to action

Often several websites lack “call to action”. With the right web design, appropriate keywords now it is your job to help them take the final step. If your home page does not have any call to action then how will the visitors know what you want them to do!

Take the services of the best SEO Company they will help you know the right keywords which will not only bring more traffic to your site, but also bring down the bounce rate.

Social media help to boost your website traffic


A website filled with informative content is a great way to bring and keep visitors on your site. So, you need the best kind of high quality informative content on your site good enough to have people wanting to share it. Along with content in the form of words, you may also include videos, images that are relevant to the subject.One important feature when it comes to writing great content is adding relevant keywords. Search engines rank websites based on the kind of keywords they have on their pages. However, you need to know which keywords and their variations are needed on your site to attract the right kind of audience.

Social media

We all know the popularity of social media platforms today. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram are all popular among people of all age groups. So, a focused social media strategy using innovative ideas and enticing links to your website’s content is one of the best ways to grow your website traffic.Add your website URL to your social media profiles and add relevant links to different pages of your site. Another element that is going to greatly help is the ‘hashtag’.

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Mobile-Friendly Redesigns

In today’s competitive world, having a website for their business is vital. Because, it helps to bring customers from worldwide if the services has a greater need. But, just having website is enough? Answer is No! Because we lived in a world where day-by-day new technologies enter into the world of design, so adapt to new technology is essential.

In the recent years, many new approaches were created in the design world. In that mobile-friendly websites has created a great challenge for designers and developers to view our websites in all smart devices with single URL. Google has launched a mobile friendly algorithm last year’s and they said responsive websites will get more ranking than non-responsive websites.

In design world, there are three types of web design trends found for making sites mobile friendly are Responsive web design (RWD), Adaptive web design (AWD), Behavioural web design (BWD). Let’s go through their each uses and limitations.

Responsive Web Design (RWD):

Responsive websites are designed to provide an optimal viewing experience across all platforms. With responsive web design, you will not require upgrading any text, link or images to be viewed on mobile. The responsive designs help the site automatically … Continue reading

Why a Responsive web design website is must?

Website places a vital role in each and every business, because it reaches a wider audience within a short time than any other form of advertising. Day by day new technology implemented to view website as much better than before. For a better viewing experience some new techniques are implemented. Every web designer has to adapt to new technology to minimize the work with high efficiency. Current trends in web design are viewing a website in multiple devices like desktop/PC, laptops, mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones.

No way to ignore viewing website in mobile phones, because there is a tremendous increase in the usage of mobile phones for searching over the years. Responsive web design (RWD) technology satisfies all these needs. RWD is specially used for designing a website which can access by all the devices. It reaches widely soon, because no need to design separate websites for desktop and mobile devices. RWD helps the web designer to design a website viewable by all the devices just by implementing CSS code, media queries and fluid grids.

Who recommended Responsive web Design?
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